How One Direction Made Me A Millionaire

And by millionaire I mean almost $700. Here’s how it went down. My brother sent me an urgent message to read an article he had sent to me. The source? Pretty credible, don’t know if you’ve heard of it…Forbes. Basically it said that One Direction’s summer tour was the highest selling summer tour of all-time with ticket prices averaging at $674. So with an opportunity for presale, we took advantage. Here’s the financial break down that made me rich, temporarily:

4 Floor tickets ($99.50 each) = $398.00
Convenience Fee ($30.95/ticket) = $123.80
TOTAL COST = 398.00 + 123.80 = $521.80

4 Floor tickets ($344.49 each) = $1377.96
StubHub Fees (15%) = $206.68
TOTAL INCOME = 1377.96 – 206.68 = $1171.28

TOTAL PROFIT = Revenue – Cost = 1171.28 – 521.80 = $649.48

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the basic concept of supply and demand. But it takes an intelligent mind, a business-oriented mind, to recognize a goldmine opportunity. A) They just finished up a tour so people are pumped for the new Where We Are Tour B) every concert sells out C) it’s the holiday season so rich suburbian fathers will be spending cash out the ass for their spoiled princesses D) One Direction is fantastic E) One Direction is fantastic. So yes, I am $650 richer thanks to my new British homies. Craziest part is that this show is not until August 11, 2014. Crazy town that people are spending this kind of dough for a concert 8 months away, but hey, someone needs to come out on top. And yes, that is not a misprint, each ticket was sold for $344.49. All kinds of insane. All jokes aside, I’ve publicly been a One Direction fan since they first made their mark on American soil. There’s long documented history of my public fandom. If you must know, I like What Makes You Beautiful, Best Song Ever, Little Things, and One Thing. No shame, these dudes are stars. Swagu sauce dripping everywhere. So I figured if I bought tickets, worst case scenario I would just go and sit ten feet from the stage and have a great time. But I suppose walking away with some spending money sits well with me as well. I might even just buy an even better ticket with my profits just to support my new business partners, just to say thanks, you know? I feel like I’m #6 now, just what 1D needed. I call them 1D now. A thank you is in order towards Adam Hammer for being alert and paving the path towards financial success. But a bigger shoutout to Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall for doing what you do. Keep doing your thing.

PS- That’s my order for favorite members.


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