Stufz Ultimate Burger Press

A burger is an American staple, one of the best things to eat out there, maybe the best. But putting everything inside the burger is just wrong. It ruins everything the hamburger stands for. Is it a cool idea? Yep. Does it taste good? Yes it does, I will admit that. But it just doesn’t make sense to me in theory. A burger is supposed to be messy. You’re supposed to have cheese and vegetables and condiments oozing out of the sides and all over your hands. That’s half the fun of eating the burger. I don’t want my bacon and cheese and onions inside the burger, I want them on top of the burger. A burger should be difficult to hold and maintain. It should be hard to get a bite of every component. Seems like you can eat these with one hand, no problem. A real burger requires care, attention, and TWO hands. Every bite should create more of a mess. I am not a buyer. Case closed.


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