Christ. I guess it’s only fitting to be in a group like this considering the gift we got from the FIFA gods for South Africa. Not thrilled, not even a little bit. For those not in the loop, it’s Group G, the Group of Death: Germany, Ghana, Portugal, United States. Hardest group of them all, and the USMNT has their work cut out for them. I want to say it could be worse, but I don’t know if it can. 200-1 odds seem pretty good now don’t they. Before the draw, USA had a 41% chance of advancing, one has to assume it’s closer to 20% now.

No sense of arguing or complaining about it now, what’s done is done. USA loves the underdog role, and they certainly got what they wished for. First game is against Ghana. We need points. Need at least a point, really should get 3. Ghana has our number from South Africa, so it’s revenge time. If we can get a win there, anything can happen. Get another point against Portugal hopefully, and then try to take on the German powerhouse. HOWEVER, (notice the bold and caps) IF (again notice the bold and caps) we can advance, big IF, huge IF, we could potentially win at least another game against Beligum/Group H.

All matchups aside, it’s pretty awesome seeing so many people get excited for a tournament that’s 6 months away. Hey, you never know. And if you watch this video, you might start to believe……


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