Best Ending In History?


Never in my wildest dreams could I have even thought about a game like that ending like that. So unbelievable it’s hard to put it words. Unfathomable. Never seen anything like that, not even a little bit. Ballsy call by Nick Saban to kick there to go for the win in the Iron Bowl, ANYTHING can go wrong there. If he hits it, game over. If it gets blocked, Auburn can take it the other way for the win. If he misses, overtime. No other options right? That shit was straight up bananas. First of all, the kicked looked good for a while. Great distance for a college kicker. Once Chris Davis took it out to the left I figured he was gonna get tackled around the 20 or 30. When he tiptoed the sidelines at midfield, the fucking world stopped in awe for a second. 109 yards, literally the longest possible touchdown, missed field goal return to win the game, on national TV, against the #1 team in the country. Soon after there were like 110,000 people on the field. What’s crazy is that had Auburn beaten Alabama in regular fashion (you know, not with a 109-yard missed FG return TD with no time left in a tie game), the fans wouldn’t have rushed the field. Sure they beat #1, but they were #4, you stay humble. That goes out the window REAL FAST when something like that happens. So much Waffle House and so much sex last night at Auburn, it almost hurts. Roll tide lol.

I just re read this, and it sucks. But like I said, it’s hard to put into words. But for real though, it could be the best ending to a game in sports history. Absolute madness.


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