Worst Penalty Kick Call Ever?

For anyone who was not watching or has not seen what happened in the Chelsea vs West Brom game yesterday (Saturday)…


In no world should that ever be called a penalty kick. Let me add that West Brom was up 2-1 on the road at “The Bridge”. Also, there were literally 15 seconds left in the game. 4 minutes of stoppage time, whistle was blown for this call at 93:45. Referee Andre Marriner should be ashamed of himself. How do you sleep at night?! How can you live with yourself knowing you made that call?! Ramires and the defender were both basically on their way to the ground. Ramires initiates the contact. Fair, legal, shoulder to shoulder contact. And then that motherfucker drops like a sack of bricks. Hits the floor like there’s an incoming missile heading right towards him. Such a bitch fall and a pussy flop. Join the fucking swim team, pal. There is minimal contact at best, and absolutely within the laws of the game. Marriner should be fired and then publicly lynched or stoned. As a referee, I can tell you it takes balls to call a penalty kick in general because you’re essentially giving one team a goal along with momentum, while simultaneously making the other team’s players/coaches/parents/fans hate you with every bone in their body. Also, a foul in the box is harder to call than a handball, you have to be absolutely positive and it has to be obvious and clear. That is not the case here. It’s also basically a rule of thumb to not give a penalty kick in FUCKING STOPPAGE TIME unless it is so blatant that you absolutely must. Horrendous! Chelsea made out like bandits stealing a point there. Unbelievable!

BY THE WAY, Friday afternoon Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho commented to the press about diving with this exact quote: “If, because of diving, a football result is directly affected, I think the player should be punished. But I don’t need to speak to my players because they don’t dive.” What a squid.


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