First Public Complaint About Chipotle

I’m not one to complain much. But today I have beef with Chipotle (please intend the pun thank youuu). I’ve been craving Chipotle all day, nothing out of the ordinary. I went to both classes, knowing I would reward myself with Chipotle for dinner. After the inner struggle of deciding between burrito and burrito bowl, I decided on a burrito. Why? I do not know. It just seemed right. “Hi what can I get for you?” Extra white rice, black beans, half chicken half steak. Half chicken half steak is the move every day because it’s impossible for them to give you half a spoonful. You really get like 3/4 of each serving, meaning you get an extra 50% of a serving. Then I added mild and hot salsa, sour cream, guac, lettuce. I get to the register, anxious and hungry.

“That’s gonna be $12.25”.
Very calmly I said to her “That’s a little expensive isn’t it?”
“Guac is $2 extra plus your double meat.”
“I got half chicken half steak not double meat.”

At this point the manager steps over to intervene and insists I got double meat. Again, very calmly and respectfully I said “No I got half and half check with them (the people who made the burrito).” The guy on the burrito line says “yeah double meat”. This guy, mind you, didn’t even give me the meat. He was salsa man. He was in charge of garnish, not meat. Now I’m starting to get angry. “He didn’t even give me the meat he gave me salsa, can you ask that girl over there who actually gave me the meat?” They ask. She responds: “Half chicken, half steak.” BOOM! That’s what I’m talkin about! Did they change the price? Fuckin right they did. Did they apologize? No way. But it’s okay. Because I came out the big winner. Delicious burrito. And it’s not even about the price, it’s about principle. This is my city! And they’re gonna try to pull a fast one? On me?! I don’t think so.


One thought on “First Public Complaint About Chipotle

  1. You know, I haven’t commented in a while here and I’m at the upmost disgusted with this post. HOW DARE YOU! So what are your entailed to be the king when you attend chipotle? NO they made an honest mistake! From what I see you most definilty ordered the double meat. Don’t lie. You pulled a fast one on them. You know Eric, I see a rivalry brewing here. Your posts I feel are not respectful. Also Erick, this is not your city, it belongs to the state of New Jersey. Next time you go to chipotle be nice respect your double meat order and go on your way. Don’t berate the staff call them racist which your probably did and don’t attack them with your bull. Just enjoy life pal.

    Sincerely, your friend
    Richard Edsel

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