What A Great Week Ahead Of Us

This week will pave the road of happiness without a doubt. Hardwell tomorrow night in Philly and then Halloween Weekend, which means all kinds of things. We get to admire the female student body and their tasteful costumes/outfits, always a good time. Hopefully I can score some candy on Thursday, preferably Skittles and mini Kit Kats. I just bought a FIRE costume that will allow me to win Halloween. Friday is a great great day. November 1st. I know that indicates the cold weather that is rapidly approaching us, but there is something everyone is forgetting about November 1st. Something that EVERYBODY in New Brunswick can be united about. NO MORE ALTERNATE SIDE PARKING. April 1-October 31. No more bullshit $25 ($26 after the “convenience” fee) tickets I find on my car on Friday morning, as if I didn’t have my own problems on Friday mornings. What a huge burden off everyone’s shoulders. No more stress on Monday/Thursday nights trying to find parking. That shit don’t matter no more! Park wherever you please! I’m gonna park on the Friday side SO HARD. Because I can. Because I am starting to believe New Brunswick is my city, and it’s time for me to take control.

I don’t know what that last part meant, the brain is a little fuzzy today.


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