The Richard Edsel Saga Continues!

For anyone not following the Richard Edsel/Eric Hammer rivalry saga, Rich is some guy who comments on my blogs here and there. The first time, he told me “my opinions were not validated”. The second time he was whining like a little bitch about the iOS7 update. Not to mention he spelled my name wrong, which I then called him out on, and then he did it again just to spite me. At first I thought Richie was just some random guy who stumbled upon one of my blogs and felt the need to nitpick something that needed no nitpicking. Then I thought he was tru;y an avid fan of the site. But I have made a discovery that is creeping me out like never before. Yesterday I was going through the archives, back to to locate an old blog for a friend. Stumbled across one of my classics, “Ain’t Nothing Worse Than Making Your Bed”. The blog has ONE comment, from a Mr. Richard Edsel.


This dates back to March! Same Richard, same tone, same nonsense. You can’t make this up, the proof is right there, well documented. Am I really supposed to believe that a man named Richard Edsel is commenting on my blogs with nothing but rubbish to say? I’m not going to be made to look like an asshole. The only logical explanation is that it’s a friend of mine, someone I know. Somebody is fucking with me. Somebody took time to create a fake email address, a fake identity, and a fake personality, just to get a reaction out of me. Job well done. I have tried to scramble the letters around to see if the name translated to something that would raise a red flag. I got nothing. But from the beginning I never disliked Rich. I hated him, but I respected him. Last time I told him I loved him. But if you can’t beat em, join em. This is a Public Service Announcement to whoever is behind the “Richard Edsel” identity. I feel defeated. I don’t see any other options. So join me, Rich. Together we can create magic. All the great ones came in pairs, Bert & Ernie, Batman & Robin, Kobe & Shaq, Tom & Jerry….ERIC & RICHIE. I think Richard Edsel is what this site needs. He is what I need. Reveal yourself! Take off your mask! We can be homies! You can sit next to me at Thanksgiving dinner! We can go to the park! All the things friends can do! But I need you with me, not against me.


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