That’s a picture of what used to be a boy and is now a man. And his name is Eugene “Geno” Smith. What an awesome fucking win for him and the Jets. Geno played out of his mind, 80% completion percentage, 3 touchdowns, but the most important number is the ZERO turnovers. Not dominant but productive running game. Secondary had their lapses, but the D line was insane. Mo Wilkerson is turning into a defensive powerhouse right before our eyes. Sure it took some absolutely RETARDED coaching decisions from Mike Smith, but the Jets took advantage and never looked back. Idiot decision to not take the points before half time, and it bit Atlanta in the ass. This team is not the most talented by any means but they are scrappy and resilient. The defense got a little soft towards the end, and Geno led the team downfield for the win. Big game from Cumberland, great catch from Winslow, great last drive from Stephen Hill. And Nick Folk continues to be the ice man. Not much else to say, great TEAM win. Pittsburgh next week, let’s get it.


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