Video Of The Week: Cheersounds

Let’s side aside, for a second, the fact that these girls are tiny and hot and basically wearing no clothes. Okay, glad that’s over. These girls are dimes. That girl at 0:25 is like 300 feet in the air. Say what you want about male cheerleaders, but they’re shredded and all kinds of ripped and if I tried flipping a girl in the air from the ground and catching her on one hand above my head, we’d both end up in the hospital. Watch closely at 1:20. Flip + 360 spin + switch hands? Unbelievable. 1:48? For real? And I guess those double back flips are pretty standard, seems like real day one stuff. Is there a youtube tutorial I can watch to be more like the dudes at 2:02 and 2:10? Doesn’t look too difficult with a big running start am I right?

Could be the coolest video I’ve ever seen. Could be. I don’t know. You don’t know. It’s totally unknown!


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