I Have A Big Problem With Rutgers Today

This is hysterical. 10 out of 10.

I wake up early to go to the library for a few hours before I go home to be unproductive for hours watching football. Because that’s the type of person I am, I’m a “go getter”. I also haven’t been to the library yet and considering the next 2 weeks are filled with midterms it just seemed right. 9:00AM alarm which means I get up for real at like 9:30. Now 9:30 is not that early, but on a Sunday morning, I’m usually in my 3rd of 4th dream at that time. Get my shit together, get to the library at 9:45ish, only to find out that the library is closed. Closed. Like “not open” closed. THE LIBRARY DOESN’T OPEN UNTIL NOON. Is that allowed? Does Rutgers have the authority to keep the main library closed until noon? Legitimately the library should be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the semester. From first day of classes until the last day of finals the library SHOULD NOT CLOSE. But that may be asking a lot. But there is no reason for it to remain closed all morning. Realistically, the library should open doors at 8AM every single day and stay open until at least 2AM. Very reasonable and very obvious in my eyes. And who is this Alexander guy? Alexander Library? Real clever. Not a fan. No worries, I’ll just go to the computer lab, they’re open for sure.

Closed. Closed until 11AM. Why? Nobody knows. Nobody knows because Rutgers is retarded. Does nobody understand that October is midterm month? Always has been, always will be. 0 for 2. That’s fine I’ll just go to the Student Center they’re always open, and I’ll even ask someone why everything is closed. Welp, couldn’t do that because they were closed too. It is incomprehensible as to why these buildings are closed. There is no logic involved. There are incompetent people in charge of making these decisions, and it needs to be stopped. Put me in charge, that shit will never close. When you leave stupid people in charge of important things, everything falls apart. If you have a bad coach, your team will lose. If you have a bad teacher, you will not learn. If you have idiot faculty members deciding the library should only be open for half the day on a weekend, the day before a week of midterms, students cannot study and people like myself get angry. I was forced to go study at Au Bon Pain and embrace the smell of precooked eggs and shitty coffee. Once I finally “settle in”, everyone is interrupted by the Native American festival going on outside with drums banging and music blasting. I just wanna study and knock out part of this paper for 2 hours, that’s it. I’m sure my professors will understand when I tell them what happened. These services need to be open for students. Whether or not we choose to utilize them and take advantage of them is on us, but I am paying a shit ton of money to come to this school, and if I wanna go to the library on Sunday morning, I shouldn’t be denied entrance. Whatevs.


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