The Giants Are Dead And Buried

I will admit that before yesterday I believed the Giants would be fine and that they would pull it together. I still believe they will figure out what the fuck is going on, but it will be irrelevant. They are 0-4, and they are playing like absolute garbage. Granted, their defense played well yesterday and kept them in the game for a while, but the offense is just pitiful. The running game is anemic, and that’s putting it nicely. The receivers are dropping passes. They have a quarterback, yes he did win 2 super bowl MVPs, who is on the older side. I’m not saying it’s time for them to rebuild, but there are obvious red flags. Their linebacker corp is horrendous, and they are failing to get to the QB, something they’ve done well for years.

But, the NFC East BLOWS. RG3 is basically handicapped. The Eagles secondary is just laughable. And the Cowboys, although 2-2, play Peyton and the Broncos next week. Assuming Peyton continues this historic run, the Cowboys would be atop the division at 2-3, leaving it wide open. Let’s assume 9 wins would be enough to win the division (7 losses). That means the Giants would have to go 9-3 at the absolute worst. They still need to play the Eagles, twice. They still need to play the Redskins, twice. And they have to play Dallas again. Sure, they’re all winnable games, games where a win would be HUGE in a weak division like the NFC East. But anything can happen in divisional games. The intensity is at a higher level. They also need to travel to Chicago, Detroit, and the West Coast to battle the Chargers. They also have to play the Packers and the Seahawks. Bottom line is there are more than 3 losses in there. But the Giants need to get their shit together real quick. They need to stop the bleeding before it gets even uglier.

This pretty much guarantees the Giants going on a historic run to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl, right? If the sports world continues it’s constant hatred towards me, then absolutely.


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