Get A Load Of This Guy (Part 2)

Less than 2 weeks ago, I blogged about a fellow named Richard Edsel, who is now publicly my biggest fan/enemy. It’s a love/hate thing really. Last time he just came off as unintelligent and a nuisance. I don’t know if this guy is just trying to get a rise out of me or if he is just unhappy and negative. (Side bar: I don’t even know how he found my blog or why he comments but I am thankful for that. It’s all for the fans.) On Tuesday, I wrote a blog regarding My Feelings on iOS7 So Far. Here’s what Richie had to say:


Let’s break it down. Travesty? Hardly. Childish layout, whatever. Makes us look like children? Negative. The new effects are not new? Is that English? You can put me on record when I say that “the new effects are new”. Crazy, I know. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. FINALLY the man makes a little sense. I was very okay with iOS6, didn’t really have any major problems with it. But I have no problem with the change, I’ve been very happy so far. Guys! Richard’s calendar got completely wiped out! Oh Lord! Not his calendar! Was his haircut at 12 or 12:30?! What a nightmare! And his notes? Oh man! Bummer! HIS THOUGHTS ARE GONE. Alright now my jokes seem kind of mean. A man is literally thoughtless and we’re over here making jokes. Hundreds of games deleted. Several hundred games? Doubt it. Less than 0% chance he had the data to download the update. I also have never met a person with more than like 6 games on their phone, of which they only play 2 or 3. Bro if you just downloaded the update like everyone else, the right way, you wouldn’t have lost anything. I pressed like 4 buttons throughout the entire download, didn’t lose a thing. Listen, man, nobody made you get iOS7. That falls on you, big guy. Travesty! Again! No. How can we tame Richard’s admitted “fury”? Should I drive him to the store to help him get his Galaxy?

I don’t even wanna read his blog. I need to read his blog. Someone find it. Love you, Rich!


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