My Feelings On iOS7 So Far

All in all I am a fan so far. It’s been VERY VERY fast which I was not expecting. I was anticipating a few days of my phone freezing and restarting and I haven’t experienced any of that thus far. I really like the new icons and the layout; it might be childish and simple to some but I think it’s sleek and somewhat futuristic. I like how the lock screen picture is slightly zoomed in, especially when this is what you’re looking at. I also like when you ‘Slide to Unlock’, the picture is still there just extremely washed out and faded away. And the numbers on that screen are color-catered to the picture (I just made up color-catered) so if your background is greenish, when you punch in the unlock code, it will be greenish. Main screen: if you have a picture in the background, it has a new 3D-like effect. Hold the phone straight in front of you and tilt it back and forth, keep an eye on the picture as it moves with the screen. Very easy to close apps, swiping up takes all of 1 second. If you have 2 apps opened and you want to switch from one to the other, you double click the home button like normal, but it automatically switches to the other one. Makes sense, considering the only reason you would double hit the home button (other than to close out the apps) is to switch to the other one.

Absolutely HATE how each message only has the recipients first name on top. It is literally driving me insane. But I love you can check the time of each individual message my swiping the message screen to the left. When you start a new message, the persons name comes up in green or blue which is awesome. Also it will list that person’s name along with any group chats you are in with them. Dislike the new ringtone, but I switched back to the old one, no need to panic. I like the little letters icon next to each person’s name in a group chat. Dislike how the calendar is set up, no reason to change how it was. The apps update automatically now, should you choose to set it up like that, which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me. That was always such an inconvenience. LOVE the new “home page” thing you can drag up from the bottom. The flashlight is there, camera, wifi, brightness, music volume/song/info. I also really like when music is playing you can click the lock screen and see how much is left for the song you’re listening to and you can even change it. Love it. Not sure what I forgot, and I’m sure I will keep finding new things I like and don’t like but overall I am more than pleased so far with iOS7.


3 thoughts on “My Feelings On iOS7 So Far

  1. The IOS7 is a travesty to the iphone-ic community. It’s childish layout makes us look like children, and it’s “new effects” are not new. Aka I’ve seen em before. Y’all ever heard of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Yeah that’s how the phone was before IOS7 . My entire calendar got wiped out. All of my notes and thoughts, gone. Hundreds of games, deleted. It’s a travesty! I’m furious, and am highly considering a trip to get the new galaxy now. Let me tell you Mr.Hamer, that’s a real phone, check it out! Also check out my blog!

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