Get A Load Of This Guy

I don’t know who you are, “Richard Edsel”, IF that’s even your real name, but the world is now going to see how ridiculous you sound. Related to the Two Plays Worse Than The Butt Fumble…Maybe blog, this guy feels his two cents are necessary.


Do you think I care that Richie thinks “my opinions are not validated”? No, not even a little bit. Does it bother me that he thinks his nonsense post proved me wrong? Negative. But for him to spell my name wrong is just irresponsible. Hammor? What is that? Can you even do that? That’s not even the worst part. “Eli made an inspiring attempt by that throw proving us QBs are multihand-coordinated.” WHAT? WHAT? He did WHAT? He made an “inspiring attempt”? Eli proved that QB’s are “multihand-coordinated”? Richie is making up words now along with his lies. I have never in my entire life seen a professional quarterback use his left hand to throw a real pass. Let alone while basically jumping in the air towards the end zone. I don’t even know how Eli can be okay with that internally. The fact that he just put himself in the same category as Eli Manning with “us quarterbacks” is just laughable too. “Now for drew, that happens all the time at every level.” Who is Drew? Let’s assume he’s talking about DAN Orlovsky running out of the endzone. That does not happen at “every level”, Richie, sorry pal. A big part of me wants to throw my hands up and just be like “I’m done with this guy”, but then he wins. And we can’t have that. Richie is my new favorite commenter, amongst very few in general. But now calls for a great time for everyone to set up a WordPress Username so you can all comment on these and get to know Richie on a more personal level. We can be one big happy family.


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