Two Plays Worse Than The Butt Fumble…Maybe

In honor of Mark Sanchez’s notorious “Butt Fumble”, here are 2 plays which to this day I defend as being worse than the Butt Fumble. And I will tell you why. The Butt Fumble was easily one of the worst plays we will ever see, there’s no denying that. It sums up a shitty quarterback and the New York Jokes to a tee. It literally cannot get worse, but hear me out for one second. All joking aside, Mark Sanchez obviously just didn’t see/expect Brandon Moore’s fat ass to be right there. It was a terribly designed play with a laughable plan B when the play collapsed. But he just ran and slid and incidentally took a bite out of B-Moore’s asshole, fumbled the ball, and proved further why the Jets are the laughing stock of the league. But these 2 plays are PHYSICAL mistakes along with mental mistakes.


That’s a professional football player improvising by tossing a ball 8 yards with his left hand, in the end zone. Why would Eli think that’s okay? How could that possibly have a decent outcome? It’s worse than the butt fumble because the butt fumble just happened. There’s no explanation for it, it just happened. But on this play, Eli Manning legitimately had a thought process where he felt it would be best to try to throw lefty, a weak lob if I might add, through a sea of defenders into the end zone. He actually thought it was a good idea.


Easily the worst play I’ve ever seen. Dan Orlovsky will never be taken seriously as a man because of this play. It is SO SO retarded, it’s almost unfathomable. Look at Dan. Look how far out of the end zone he is! Look how long he ran for before he even noticed he made the dumbest mistake of all time. He didn’t graze the white, he didn’t just step out once. He is literally one yard out of bounds. And he runs probably 15 yards before he wakes up. Like it can’t be a serious play. Dude must have a broken head or something. Props to Dan Orlovsky for epitomizing the 0-16 Lions. Just a sublime embodiment of the “fail” that was the 2008 Lions. The only argument I could consider validating is that Orlovsky was a backup where Sanchez, somehow, was a starter.


2 thoughts on “Two Plays Worse Than The Butt Fumble…Maybe

  1. Eric, your opinions are not validated. Eli made an inspiring attempt by that throw proving us QBs are multihand-coordinated. Not many QBs can even throw the ball opposite hand 3 yards while Eli went atleast 10. It’s a great effort not a poor play . Now for drew, that happens all the time at every level. Just am unlucky mistake. It’s a known fact the butt fumble is the worst . Sorry to prove you wrong Mr.Hammor.

    – Richard Edsel

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