The Tailgate That Can’t Be Topped

2013-09-14 20.43.52

If you weren’t in the Green Lot yesterday for Rutgers/Eastern Michigan with the members of PiKapp, TDX, ZTA, and Gamma Phi, I don’t know what to tell you except that I genuinely sympathize for you. I’m a BIG tailgate guy. I like to go all out. Whether that means getting a grill and firing up burgers, dogs, chicken, steaks, bacon, eggs, sausage, or just getting like 300 people and finishing 50 30’s in like 2 hours. Either way. But the tailgate yesterday was legendary, and I don’t think it can be topped. Last week was big, this week was in a different league. It was the tailgate of all tailgates. It’s no secret that it’s tough to tailgate Rutgers football games because of the cops and their agendas to bust tailgates and hand out underage tickets. It’s been a problem for years, and it’s only gotten worse. The Blue Lot, though it’s a great location, crowded, exciting, it’s only problematic. Our spot yesterday was literally perfect. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and DJ Akhil’s music was BUMPIN. Last week I broke out the big hat, and I knew people were expecting it again yesterday. But I don’t wanna be predictable. No hat. Just my Zubaz shorts and a big American flag on a pole for hundreds of people to enjoy. No biggie. I was basically the life of the party.

I don’t think we can beat it, but we’re gonna try. We have to step it up somehow of course, and we have BIG BIG plans for next week. For real though, THAT is how you make a statement. THAT is how you change the tailgating game. THAT is how college is done.


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