To Be Honest My Barstool Sports Debut Could Have Gone Better

Every week on Barstool NY, there is a ‘Comments of the Week’ blog. So basically one of the commenters goes thru all of the blogs on the NY site from the past week, picks out the best comments from those blogs, and writes up a little analysis/summary. The past like 7 or so have been awful, just not funny at all in my opinion. I figured it would be fun to give it a shot, so I emailed ya boy KFCBarstool and told him I wanted in. This past week was mine, unfortunately the stoolies left me out to dry with little material. It took me a while to compile a list of funny comments because frankly there weren’t many funny ones. No worries, I was dealt a shitty hand but I had to work with what I was given. Writing it up, I knew it wasn’t my best work. I had a feeling that I was in for a rude encounter with the commenters. If you ever read the comments section, you know these guys are vicious. Will make fun of anyone and everyone for no reason. So I intentionally didn’t include a brief backstory like the COTW writers often do, figuring the less they know about me the better. Read it for yourself, and read the comments because they tore me apart. FYI I didn’t choose that picture for the top, I even said I didn’t want a picture but hey it’s not my website.

I think the biggest mistake I made was on day one when I made an account and neglected to create an alias for myself (Animalman, Gotti, Numero_Two, etc). So right away I was choosing to expose myself to the world of the Barstool commenters. Easy to say now, but a monumental mistake. I’ve been made fun of before, but never on a public forum like this. Once the commenters don’t like you, you’re alienated for always and forever. Personally I didn’t think it was that bad, so I didn’t think I deserved all the hate I got. Nevertheless, I signed up for this, I will be a good sport about it. But I had 2 people contact me telling me that it indeed was funny, and that in order to understand and appreciate my sense of humor, you have to actually know me on a personal basis. Makes sense I guess. Here are some of my favorite comments/insults directed at me (luckily no death threats, just straight hatred). Easily the biggest insult was being called a “no name”. I’ve been working full time for 21 years trying to make my name a household name, this is a major setback.

Most up-voted comment; I don’t comment often, but when I do they are GOLD.

There’s nothing more demeaning than being called a “no name”. That one hurts. Worst part about that is ImTough is one of the most well known commenters on the site.

Never heard of “nutsack slammer” but if you think that’s not my new favorite insult you are incredibly incorrect.

21*. I always forget a HUGE portion of stoolies are like unhappy married 35 year olds.

If they read last week’s before mine, they’d have to agree.

All press is good press, remember that.


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