Official TheEricHammer Jets/Football Predictions

The Jets stink. They are a bad football team, but there are worse teams for sure. The Jets defense is not completely anemic like the offense, it’s a decent defensive unit they’re gonna be able to put on the field week by week, barring any major injuries. With that said, the defense should keep them in a lot of games, probably will win them a few games. But that’s all they’ll have, a few wins. There are major problems top to bottom, left to right, on and off the field. Bad owner, bad coach, bad quarterbacks, bad lineman, bad receivers, bad backs, bad special teams. Hopefully Geno Smith can just be a competent quarterback with potential for success.

I don’t expect the team to do much of anything, but I am just praying that they’re not once again the laughing stock of the league, which they kind of already are. They can be bad, really bad, but not embarrassing please. No fucking butt fumbles, but I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to make headline news in the worst possible way. I would be very very okay with the Jets winning like a game, as long as nobody gets hurt, and they’re not embarrassing bad just a bad football team. Give me Clowney (or Bridgewater) or give me death.

As for today, the Jets don’t match up to Tampa Bay. We have nobody who can score, and they have Revis to lead their tough Schiano defense. Full season, Jets go 4-12 with the potential for maybe another win or 2. AFC North Ravens, East Patriots, South Texans, West Broncos, Wildcard Colts/Bengals. NFC North Packers, East Redskins, South Falcons, West 49ers, Wildcard Seahawks/Bucs. Broncos represent the AFC in the Superbowl, but lose to the (WAIT FOR ITTTTTTTT) Washington Redskins. Watch out for RG3, the dude is a freak. MVP Adrian Peterson. On the bright side, we’re only a few months away from parting ways with Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez.


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