My Day With Melanie Iglesias

Guy Court

Guy Court 2

Guy Court 3

Well that was fun. Quick explanation of how everything happened for those who do not know. MTV2 is filming a new show called Guy Court, starring a lot of the cast from Guy Code. A friend of mine won free tickets to the live recording today. The explanation behind her wearing two different outfits is up for debate. One theory is that they filmed a morning and an afternoon episode and I arrived for the latter as the first was letting out and she was taking pictures with the crowd and I hopped online. The theory that I’m backing up is that after getting snuggly with me in Picture #1 (check out her obvious lean in my direction in the first picture), she wanted seconds (can’t blame her). But since she’s unpredictable and super hot, she wanted to sport her street clothes for round 2 (picture 3). It’s pretty symbolic of our relationship and how things won’t ever get repetitive and/or boring/predictable. It’s also pretty romantic of her.

The show was hysterical, and Mel is so so so so hot. She’s real cool too, literally went up and said hi to every single person in the audience during the intermission, in full sexy security guard attire. When she left the set, I was the last person she said goodbye to, I guess because she wanted me to be her last memory of today’s episode? I don’t know, you tell me. She has legs for days, she has the softest skin, she gives incredible hugs, and things got real personal. I call her Mel now, and I feel like I’d be disrespecting her and our relationship by calling her Melanie now. She asked me where I was from, she told me where she was from. She told me to get home safe. She willingly told me she was having pizza for lunch. She told me she loved me after I confessed my love for her. She favorited my tweet about how we both rocked hot outfits today and had a natural chemistry. During picture #1, as we went to put our arms around each other ever so gently, we interlocked 3-4 fingers temporarily by mistake, but it felt so right.

I had all these plans to just try to play it cool and be funny and charming when I got my chance and that fell apart real fast. And I can honestly say it was the first time I have ever been totally speechless in front of a female. Froze up like you cannot imagine. The second encounter went a little better, curious considering this time was a true one on one. So where do we go from here? Realistically I don’t know if I’ll see her anytime soon, causing a bit of a problem since we’re engaged and all. Do you think Lisa Ramos would mind if I moved in with them? Do you think she’d be okay living with me in New Brunswick in a double? Do you think Mel would prefer an April, May, or June wedding? Will she feed me grapes upon command? What does she wear if there’s inclement weather? There’s a boat load of questions that need answers.


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