You Gon’ Learn Today! Bulls Don’t Actually See Red

Get out your notebook Professor Hammer is about to spit some knowledge. It’s common “knowledge” that bulls charge when they see red. The red makes them go crazy. No it doesn’t. It’s a myth. I’m putting it to rest. Did a little bit of READING, and the facts are the facts. In an experiment, three matadors with three different color flags (red, white, blue), held the flags stationary. All three got a very similar half-hearted charge from the bull. The anticipation that the bull would charge the red crumbled very quickly. In order to get an authentic and aggressive attack from the bull, the flag needs to be moving. The bull is attracted to whichever flag is moving the most. The color is irrelevant. Bulls don’t have a preference to any color. The waving motion is what stirs the emotions. They’re color blind for Christ sake! Why is the red capes still used today then? Tradition. Don’t fix something that’s not broken. But know that tradition is really the only reason for its usage. Why do they run people over in the Running of the Bulls? Because people are running, they’re moving, like the flags.

Another fun fact, Bulls are “dichromates”, meaning they only see in blues and yellows.

Another day, another lesson from The Eric Hammer. I’ll be back shortly.


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