How Do Magnets Work?

There are questions in this world that can’t be answered. What came first the chicken or the egg? Why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway? What is Hey Arnold’s last name? Why didn’t Doug Funny seal the deal with Patty Mayonnaise? How do magnets work? It doesn’t make sense. Two things can’t stick together for the most part. They just don’t. Gravity. If I pick up two shoes in stick them together, guess what?? They fucking fall down. If I put two buffalo wings next to each other on the counter, as much as I wish they’d stick together to make one giant buffalo wing, it just doesn’t happen. And I know it’s not gonna happen because it never has and it never will. It’s a sure thing. But you put a nickel and a magnet on the counter 4 inches apart and suddenly they’re together. It’s mind blowing.

Science tells us that two opposite magnetic poles are attracted to each other and two of the same repel. Sounds like a load of nonsense. Magnets have to be one of science’s biggest mysteries. A magnet is basically this magic thing that attracts other things to it, and it defies the laws of intelligence. “The significance of magnets in today’s society is fiercely being debated, and it is believed by most scientific communities that the only use for them is to stick crap to your fridge.”

Can’t trust magnets. Can’t understand em and I don’t like em. But if you have never put a magnet on a table and put the other magnet underneath the table and make the top one move like magic, then you haven’t lived. Magnets just don’t make sense though.


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