Cast from ‘The Sandlot’ gets back together for 20-year anniversary

(Left to Right: Yeah-Yeah, Ham Porter, Squints, Timmy Timmons, Police Chief [lol])

EliteDaily: “If you’re a part of Generation-Y, then one of your favorite childhood films was without a doubt the timeless baseball classic, “The Sandlot.” Recently, some of the cast gathered around on the very field they used to film the movie in honor of the “Sandlot’s” 20-year-anniversary.

20 years?! Are you for real?! That’s so so so unbelievable. If you asked me to name 5 movies that described my childhood, The Sandlot is maybe the first one I say. A childhood/baseball/sports CLASSIC. Life lessons for days. Don’t chew tobacco and go on the Himalaya ride. Don’t be a fucking nerd and instead actually be a male and play sports. If you wanna make out with a girl, pretend to drown in front of her so you can stick your tongue down her throat. Babe Ruth and The Great Bambino are “THE SAME GUY”. Don’t steal Bill’s Babe Ruth-signed baseball, take it outside “AND ACTUALLY PLAY WITH IT”. Little things, but useful. Squints looks like such a loser by the way. Love that little guy though. Some of the guys never really did anything after the Sandlot, like all of them for the most part. Bertrum Weeks? Loser. Timmy Timmons? Loser. Some money quotes too, like “You’re killin me smalls!” I don’t have much to say, just figured this would be a nice trip down memory lane for some people.

Ham looks exactly the same, it’s hilarious. What is he 4’11”? He literally hasn’t aged a day. After The Sandlot he had a SOLID cameo in Boy Meets World, good role in The Big Green (awesome movie if you’ve never seen it). But Hamilton “Ham” Porter should be a household name in any home with a heterosexual male age 16-24. To this day I would not know how to make smores if it weren’t for Ham.


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