The Greatest Video Game Trailer Ever

Get your popcorn ready. For those of you who have not seen this yet, it’s the official gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, and it will make your day and make you cream your pants. 4:51 of the video game equivalent of porn. Right off the bat, the graphics are insane. Tons of different landscapes and locations for gameplay. New environments creating a vast array of features crafty tricks the game has to offer. Facial details and personal animations along with crazy real life problems and situations. THREE main characters, all with their own stories and backgrounds and skillsets. Quads and jet skis. Where does it end?

I don’t know what the fuck I’m even talking about but this game is going to be sick. Custom clothes and custom cars. I can choose what mission and how I want to pull off heists. I can change from one character to another in the same mission. Minigames and side missions. Completely new driving mechanics and combat controls.

But let’s get serious. All I wanna do is steal a car, run over a hooker, shoot her hooker friend, stop at the occasional red light (so I can at least try to throw off the police), and then run from the cops until they corner me and fuck me up. But I’m gonna be able to buy businesses and invest in stocks which is fucking insane for a video game. I don’t wanna play tennis and go on a nature hike. Cool feature, but I’ll pass. I just wanna steal shit, blow shit up, shoot the fuck out of people, and take over the city. PUMPED, nevertheless.


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