Official Review: Pitch Perfect

Buy into the hype, this movie is the real deal. So good that it deserved a The Eric Hammer public review. I had not heard one bad thing about it, and it did not disappoint. A movie hasn’t been hyped up to me like this since Bridesmaids, which was a MAJOR disappointment. Good movie, kinda funny, but girl funny. It’s girl comedy. I’m not gonna sit here and say that girls aren’t funny, but the overwhelming majority of females are not funny. Rebel Wilson is funny. She was GREAT in Pitch Perfect.

I knew going in it was a little girly, I knew it had a Glee vibe to it, and I loved every second of it. Awesome music, awesome cast. Brittany Snow? Yes please and I want more. The last time I saw her was in Prom Night and John Tucker Must Die. Anna Kendrick? Never heard of you but I’m on board. It took me a while to decided if she was hot or not. But she is, definitely does the whole boners thing for me. Treblemakers? So fucking clever. Cheese and simple, but absolute gold. I am beyond excited for Pitch Perfect 2. I am beyond excited to see what song the new nerds will be auditioning to. I’m even beyond excited to see Rebel Wilson’s thighs for 2 more hours. Didn’t know how I’d feel about the a cappella thing, but it was pretty awesome. Let’s hope for another Brittany Snow + Anna Kendrick shower scene. BY THE WAY, that “Cups song” was nothing special. Sorry, Anna.

PS- If you’ve never tried doing a cappella songs with your friends, it’s about time to start. 2 great songs are Jesus Walks and In The Jungle (The Lion Sleeps Tonight). They’re both a great time, guaranteed bonding experience and for sure a couple laughs.


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