It’s not easy to win Beer Olympics when you’re the only one who wants to win/drink

Christ what a long day. I still haven’t recovered by the way. Not because I’m hungover because I’m pretty sure you need to be drunk yesterday to be hungover today. That didn’t happen because we played finished 2 events in like 3 hours yesterday. The structure was bad, the organization was bad, but most importantly my team’s attitude overall was bad. I’m only one person. I’m only a man. I’m not saying I couldn’t win the entire Beer Olympics by myself, especially with the mindset I was in (I was fucking ready to win), but to say it would be easy is just not true. 6 people per team, 9 teams, my team just didn’t wanna be there. ONE OF OUR PLAYERS DOESN’T DRINK BEER. Beer Olympics seems appropriate wouldn’t you say? First round was pitcher chug, an event we knew we had little chance in. No problem, you’re not gonna win every event, let everyone else chug and get hammered before we do while we take our time and play to our strengths and eventually win. Can of corn.

We bounced back in Flip Cup after losing the first round by winning the loser’s bracket. BIG swing of events and spirits were high. I don’t wanna say that I fired everyone up and that led to our sudden dominance, but I fired everyone up and that led to our sudden dominance. Civil War was next and we took down the “powerhouse” United States. Overrated. Put them in my back pocket. I was on fire, and it was contagious. We then had to wait like 45 minutes for some reason before our next game, and our 2 hindrances (drivers) grew restless and bored. They threatened to leave, and by threatened I mean they walked towards the car with their keys. Seeing as one of them was my ride, I didn’t see many options. Although I handled the beer better than most of the rookies there, I’m not gonna be able to win every game and drink all of everyone’s beer. It’s just not gonna happen. We were on a hot streak, and they just quit.

I am disgusted with my teammates. I will say that not everyone voted to leave, but if 4 said we were staying, the 2 would not have left. I was embarrassed. It was an abomination to all beer drinkers and all competitors across the world. I need to pick my own team next time. I’m not pointing any fingers, but the 2 that held us (me) back know who they are. Shame on you. Selfishness, piss poor attitudes, sub-par performances. It’s a recipe for disaster that I want no part of.



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