GREAT Day, King’s Pizza is closed.

What a GREAT day for the Rutgers/New Brunswick community. I am pretty much speechless. King’s Pizza is closed, and there is NOBODY happier than myself. I cannot wait to go take a picture in front of that shithole they have the nerve to call an “Italian Restaurant” and just laugh and laugh. After three years at Rutgers, the best days I’ve had are the ones when the lights were off and they were closed. But it was just a tease. I honestly thought every time that it was the end to a nightmare, only to see them open the next day, serving 3 day old mac and cheese pizza.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in there before actually buying pizza. Whenever I walked past, I didn’t smell pizza (because it wasn’t fresh). All I would see would be the one employee sitting on the leather couch mesmerized by the big screen TV (maybe if they made some decent pizza and thus a profit they would actually have people to come watch with them while they STAY IN BUSINESS). Idiots. Credit to the employees though, easiest job ever. Turn on half the lights, take the pizza from last weekend out of the fridge and heat up for 5 minutes, plant my ass on the couch and watch tv. CAKE. Never stood a chance with Jimmy’s across the street. Anyone who prefers King’s Carboard to Jimmy’s Pizza is certified batshit crazy.

Easily the worst pizza in New Brunswick, quite possibly on the East Coast. Rutgers students/faculty/alumni REJOICE! Homeless people of New Brunswick CELEBRATE! When one door closes, another one opens. King’s is closed, and I don’t give a FUCK what door opens there. FYI, their website doesn’t work anymore. I am so happy. It’s like when your rival team gets kicked out of the playoffs, but they’re never gonna be back again. It’s like when someone cheats on you, and then some cheats on them and kills them. Classic.

PS- Today is the greatest day of my life.


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