Do you sit in the shower?

This all started on Saturday night. I was up very early working all day, and when I got home I was exhausted. I literally could not move anymore, so a hot shower was in order. I was in no rush and I needed to relax, so I sat on the floor for like 10 minutes. When I told my older brother about this, he looked at me like I was a fucking ghost. He said it was so weird, he can’t believe I do that, and he’s never heard anything like this. I told him he was bat shit crazy and a certified lunatic for that opinion, and that if we took a poll, 60% would side with me. I dropped my prediction but stuck with 51% (majority). One friend said “Yes. It’s like peeing when sitting down after goin for a run”. Spot on, nailed it.

The issue was brought up again at a family BBQ yesterday, with most people (especially adults) thinking it’s the strangest thing in the world. I pitched my case for like 45 minutes and asked a bunch of people, but not before narrowing down the demographic. Males ages 16-24. Adults don’t do anything like we do nowadays, not even a little bit. My mom cringes when she hears a song on the radio where they bleep out a curse. They don’t even say the curse, yet she consistently flips out and demands that the radio be turned off. It was a consensus that girls, although they probably do sit in the shower, are less likely to admit that they do so. It’s not “ladylike” or some shit. Regardless, I have had multiple girls tell me that they always sit in the shower. Furthermore, they turn the water all the way up to the hottest (everyone that sits in the shower knows the water temperature is significantly cooler on the ground). I’ll be honest, most of my friends I’ve asked said absolutely not they have never sat in the shower. Not only are they missing out, but I still believe they’re the minority.

New issue now. Does the type of shower matter? Well obviously it’s easier to sit in a bathtub shower. In fact, I’ve taken naps in those showers before. Anyone who hasn’t can get out of town, literally. But what about a non-bath shower? A shower that someone has called an “up shower”. Yeah I sit in those too. Some people said only in a shower that has a seat. No shit, that’s why the seat is there jerkoff. Listen, I don’t sit in the shower everyday. Some people do. I had someone tell me last night “I sit in the shower every time unless I’m in a rush. Let the water hit ne for at least 10 minutes”. Most people were pretty aggressive with their responses though. I got a lot of “Fuck no” or “Are you retarded?” But hey that’s expected when you raise a question like that apparently. I’d say if I am in no rush at all, I’ll sit in the shower 75% of the time. But overall I sit in the shower probably 1 out of 10 times. Granted, I usually shower in the morning (80% of my showers are before noon), and that’s usually before class so I don’t have all that much time. Plus, I would NEVER sit in the shower at school, not with the mongoloids I live with. No thanks. I don’t need you all to admit it, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all sat in the shower before. And now that I’m telling you that I do and that it’s okay and even condoned, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. Hopefully I will be able to give someone the courage to tell the world they sit in the shower. Even better, I am certain that somebody after reading this will sit in the shower and text me telling me how great it is. It’s cleansing (pun fucking intended), and it’s relaxing. It’s a time of self reflection, and we’re never gonna stop. We are the ones who sit in the shower. It’s hot right now, climb aboard.

PS. Yes I pee in the shower. I don’t sit in the shower right after that, I give it a few minutes so that water is all down the drain.

PS2. Bar soap > Liquid soap (despite the wonderful smell/texture of liquid soap)


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